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Installing Statgraphics Sigma Express

To install Statgraphics Sigma Express and begin a free 15-day trial period:

1. Download and save one of the executable files that will install the software. Be sure to select the link that matches the version of Excel that you intend to use it with.

Build 1.1.2 posted June 2, 2012
Microsoft Excel 2003 STATGRAPHICS Sigma Express Office11 English.exe
Microsoft Excel 2007 STATGRAPHICS Sigma Express Office12 English.exe
Microsoft Excel 2010/2013 STATGRAPHICS Sigma Express Office14 English.exe

Note: for downloads of the French edition, please go to

2. Double-click on the downloaded file to execute the installation program. During the installation, you will need to enter a password. You can obtain the password via e-mail by registering at: Register evaluation copy.

3. After installation is complete, "STATGRAPHICS" will usually appear on the Excel menu the next time Excel is started. If it does not appear automatically, which may happen if Microsoft Office 2010 or Microsoft Office 2013 was installed in a virtual location after being downloaded over the Internet, you can easily activate it manually as described at: Activating STATGRAPHICS Sigma Express Manually.

For more information on using the program, download the user guide from: STATGRAPHICS Sigma Express: Getting Started

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