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Statistical Analysis Using STATGRAPHICS Centurion
Public and on-site seminars offered by StatPoint, Inc. are arranged by combining the material from different course modules.  The following modules are available:


Title Duration


Introduction to STATGRAPHICS Centurion XVI 1 day


Basic Statistics Using STATGRAPHICS 1 day


Fundamentals of Statistical Process Control 0.5 day


Advanced Statistical Process Control 0.5 day (*)


Introduction to Design of Experiments 0.5 day


Further Topics in Design of Experiments 0.5 day (*)


Summa Six Sigma 2 days (*)


Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 0.5 day (*)


Reliability and Life Data Analysis 0.5 day (*)


Analysis of Variance Using STATGRAPHICS 0.5 day


Regression Analysis Using STATGRAPHICS 0.5 day


Advanced Statistical Modeling 1 day (*)


Data Analysis Workshop 0.5+ days

The INTRO module covers basic operation of STATGRAPHICS Centurion, including data management, use of StatFolios, modifying graphs, and interfacing with other applications. The WORKSHOP is an opportunity for users to bring their own data and work through it in a classroom setting. The other modules each cover selected statistical methods. They introduce the statistics as necessary and then show how to implement the procedures using STATGRAPHICS. For an outline of each module, click on its title.

In constructing on-site seminars, we work closely with the client to select the most relevant material. If needed, partial coverage of selected modules can be scheduled to meet any time constraints.

NOTE: the duration listed for each module assumes that 4 hours of class time are available in each half day, and that the students are quantitatively adept. The modules shown with an asterisk (*) are likely to be more challenging than the others.

Six Sigma Accelerated
Applied Business Improvement offers training in Six Sigma Methods using Statgraphics Centurion.

Click on Six Sigma Courses for a description of their courses.

Statgraphics Training in France
SigmaPlus offers both public and on-site training in France. Visit for details.

Statgraphics Training in Germany
Dittrich and Partner Consulting and UMEX both offer both public and on-site training in Germany. Visit and for details.

Statgraphics Training in The Netherlands
Cosinus Computing offers both public and on-site training in The Netherlands. Visit for details.


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